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Clerk Paul Austin
Email: broomeparishcouncil@outlook.com
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All at 7.30 pm in the village hall

  • Thursday 5th March 2020
  • Thursday 16th April (Annual Parish Meeting) 2020
  • Thursday 7th May (including AGM) 2020
  • Thursday 2nd July 2020
  • Thursday 3rd September 2020
  • Thursday 5th November 2020

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November 2019

41 & X41 BUS ROUTE

Perhaps you will recall that I recently reported that both our parish councils would be working together trying to get the Bungay to Norwich bus service through Yarmouth Rd Broome and Loddon Road Ditchingham reinstated.

Myself, Paul Austin, clerk BPC & Alan Larkin, Chair DPC Met with Chris Lambach,( First Bus) to discuss the possibility. We drove around the route in order to impress on him the distance that people had to walk to get the Norwich bus. This he fully appreciated.

Mr. Lambach explained that it never was a First Bus route. Previously it was shared with Anglia  and Konnect who eventually took over Anglia before they decided to pull out of the route.

He also explained in some depth, that it is not as simple as just re routing the 41 service as even making what seems such a small change has a huge knock on effect to other service time tables that are all designed to connect with each other, making it just about impossible at this time but, he has said that he will certainly see if there are any other possibilities for us in the future when ever new timetables are looked at.

So, all I can say at this time is, we tried.

Fred Hartwell
Chair, Broome Parish Council

October 2019

Just over 2 years ago, with a small grant, and a lot of help from my husband with the work, I opened Broome telephone kiosk library. It has been a great success and is well used, however there are some problems. Despite requests and notices in the kiosk, some people are leaving  bags and boxes on the floor. This is a hazard, and causes much extra work for me sorting and disposing of these books when I go to clean and tidy the kiosk. Please may I ask if books are too large or there is no room do not leave them, just take them elsewhere maybe a charity shop. Hopefully every one can continue to use and enjoy the library, all it takes is a little care and consideration.
Thank you.
Christine Kramer Vice Chairman Broome Parish Council


Litter Pick, Saturday 19th October 10am – 12noon.
This as many already know is a very important activity which we carry out twice a year and it is amazing and disappointing to see just how rubbish is left around the village and countryside. Unfortunately we had had to cancel the list litter pick due to the atrocious weather conditions.

Please can we have volunteers for our next one. All safety gear is provided, you may wish to have your own gloves.  We meet at Broome Village Hall from 9.30 am, teams of two then go to designated areas so that we cover as much of the village as possible. Meet back at the hall, dump the rubbish ready for a welcome cuppa etc. Hope to see you there.

Remembrance  Sunday, 10th November at the village Memorial
More details will be posted closer to the time. For groups or persons that wish to lay wreaths, these can be ordered from Linda or Tony at the Royal British Legion in Bungay.

Next year, Friday May 8th marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. The Parish Council is planning to celebrate this event, on the Saturday, with  a family day at the village hall and on the green behind. As we did last year with the 100th Anniversary of peace in 1918 we will be inviting residents from all our surrounding villages. For this to be really successful we need a small team of volunteers, (that word again) with ideas.

It is not too early to start planning so, if you would like to be involved please contact me 01986 895414.

Next Parish Council will be 7th November @ Broome Village Hall in the meeting room at 7.30 pm. 

Fred Hartwell, Chair BPC

August 2019


The next parish council meeting will be Thursday 5th September @ 7.30 pm. Broome Village Hall. Members of the public are welcome.

It has been a few months since we lost the bus service from Bungay to Norwich via Broome & Tunney’s Lane/Loddon Rd Ditchingham.

The council has been trying to arrange a meeting with First Bus for some while to get this service reinstated. This of course, effects residents in both Broome and Ditchingham and in an effort to make our case for reinstatement stronger we are working with Ditchingham Parish Council.

We are at last in the process of setting up a meeting with them Date to be confirmed.

Of course there is no guarantee that they will capitulate, we can only try.

To strengthen our argument for our case I would ask that those of you who would regularly use the service to drop me a simple email so that I can quote some figures to them ( george.f.hartwell@gmail.com ). Fingers crossed!

Parish councils all over the country struggle to fill the vacancies for councillors and we are no different. Most of our councillors , in Broome have given many years service to the village and are feeling that they have given enough. The worry is that when they do retire we will have serious difficulty replacing them which, could result in Broome PC being run by South Norfolk.  To all you younger residents can I ask that you consider becoming a Parish Councillor, Make a difference to where you live and your children will grow up.  You are always welcome to attend the bi-monthly  meetings ( 7.30 – 9.30pm )

Fred Hartwell, Chair BPC.

November 2018

The last parish council meeting, on 1 November, attracted 46 members of the public – easily the highest in the last 15 years. The main issue of public interest was the planning application for mobile homes on marshland behind 184 Yarmouth Road. There has been a huge response from local residents to the district council consultation on this plan, overwhelmingly negative. The parish council thanked the public for this at the meeting and the parish council is also opposed. At the time of writing this article no decision had been reached, with the number of mobile homes proposed having twice been reduced – from 53 to 34 and then 32.

Members of the public can find the latest information by going to the ’planning’ section of the district council website, and keying in the plan’s reference no. – 2018/1981. The parish council website – broomeparishcouncil.norfolkparishes.gov.uk – will also be updated with the latest information.

Another planning application also causing controversy is that for 9 houses at the rear of 10 – 30 Sun Road. Like the local residents the parish council is also opposing this although it supports the building of two homes facing directly on to Sun Road. It is also now known the district council has approved no less than 9 houses to be built along Yarmouth Road on its north side at the Ellingham end, despite their development plan only providing for 5.

Further into the future additional building is proposed, on Yarmouth Road in front of the heath and adjacent to the aforementioned site for 9 homes towards Ellingham, in the next Norwich Area development plan. The parish council will discuss and respond to this this at its next meeting on the 3 January and if you want to make your views known then please attend the meeting.

You might think a consolation prize for all this development might be better public transport. Well of course that’s not the case!  From the start of January Broome’s bus services to Norwich will drop from 1 an hour to 1 a day. This is something else the parish council has opposed. It remains to be seen whether there will be a late partial reprieve of the cuts.

If you want to contact the clerk on any matter, good or bad, do so on (01986) 892012 or by e-mail to broomeparishcouncil@outlook.com.

Finally to end on a much more cheerful note an even bigger attendance was attracted on Remembrance Sunday 11 November to the opening of the village’s new sign and war memorial, with the Reverend Chris Hutton attending and the parish council chairman Robert Earl performing the unveiling. Many people had put a lot of hard work into making it all possible, and the great support of the village was the reward they deserved.  The day was rounded off with the lighting of the beacon to mark the century since the end of the Great War after entertainment and refreshments had been provided in the village hall. It was an event that proved the community spirit of Broome.

Paul Austin – Parish Clerk

October 2018


The last council meeting was on Thursday 6th September. Much of the meeting concerned the Armistice Remembrance – mentioned elsewhere – but other subjects included parking at Broome Heath and the continued attempts to provide anglers parking at the bottom of the slope behind the village hall, rather than in the village hall car park. The parish council is to buy 2 new junior swings for the playground, one of them has been removed because a sharp metal edge had become exposed.

New ‘slow’ signs have been painted on the Loddon Road in Broome and the chicane repaired at the Ellingham end of Yarmouth Road but the council is trying to get gulleys and drains cleared at the Bungay end of Yarmouth Road and on the by-pass to stop the risk of flooding. The parish council is pleased that although the 4 Villages Good Neighbours Scheme is no longer operating a new ‘Border Villages’ scheme will be offering many of the same services.

In planning the development of five homes at the Bungay end of Yarmouth Road is still held up by the need to divert the route of a footpath that officially crosses the site. No decision has been taken yet regarding approval of the plan to build ten homes at the Ellingham end of Yarmouth Road.

The next parish council meeting is at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 1st November, all members of the public welcome. Contact the clerk on any concerns you have regarding the village

Paul Austin (01986) 892012 broomeparishcouncil@outlook.com.


May 2018


Broome Parish Council held it’s annual parish meeting on the 12th April which was very well attended by villagers and featured a speech and slide show by a representative of the East Anglian Mens Shed Association, in support of the attempt to add a new mens shed to Broome Village Hall. Local issues were discussed at the meeting with the parish council backing a request that bonfires in the village shouldn’t be lit until dusk. This is because there have been problems with bonfires lit earlier in the day that have caused smoke to drift in through neighbours windows and affect clothes on washing lines. The South Norfolk Council website gives information regarding bonfires.  The council also backs residents complaints about dangerous driving along the stretch of Loddon Road where there is no speed limit. A previous council attempt to install a 30 m.p.h. limit failed but further attempts will be made to improve safety one way or another.

The Artichoke kindly provided wine for the event.

The parish council would also like to thank all those who took part in the community litter pick on Saturday 24th March. Once again a great deal of litter was collected.

The most recent parish council meeting was on the 3rd May. Councillors opposed the plan for 10 houses along the Ellingham end of Yarmouth Road. The Norwich Area Plan supports 5 houses, and 10 houses would give an out of character urban appearance. The parish council also intends to try and prevent a repeat of the dangerous parking that again occurred this year on Yarmouth Road at the bend outside Bungay House on the day of the Bungay Marathon.

The next parish council meeting is at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 5th July at the village hall. For any problems the clerk Paul Austin can be contacted on (01986) 892012 kirbycane_pc@msn.com.

Paul Austin – Broome Parish Clerk 

December 2017


The last meeting was held on Thursday 2nd November. The main points from the meeting were.

  • A beacon will be lit on Broome Heath to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day in November 2018. Broome Parish Council is one 800 organisations across the country holding such an event. Plans are already under way and more details will be given as time goes by.
  • The parish council is to apply to extend the village hall to provide a home for the ‘Ditchingham Men’s Shed’. It would be at the rear and provide all needed facilities and while initially it would not have access to the existing hall, this could be provided later. The council supports the aims of the men’s shed which already has a lot of support.
  • The phone box has now been converted into a library by council vice chairman Christine Kramer and husband Colin. It is fully stocked with books for residents to select from and the contents will be rotated.
  • County councillor Margaret Stone helpfully organised a meeting with a Highways Dept. official to discuss a long list of transport problems the parish council is aware of. Sadly due to lack of finance few improvements are imminent although the by-pass footpath/bridleway has now been cleared, and the parish council will continue to try and have the problems with road drainage and danger at   junctions dealt with.

The next parish council is at the village hall at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 4th January 2018, and all villagers are very welcome to attend. Any problems contact the clerk, Paul Austin, on (01986) 892012.


Broome Parish Council is aware that recently vans with false number plates have been touring the village and that there have been cold callers who do not seem to represent any reputable organisation. The parish council strongly recommends residents fit security cameras to discourage such behaviour and to record any illegal activities that do occur. This equipment is now priced at very modest levels.

Village Hall
The village hall is very popular and there to be used by all the residents and is available for outside bookings. Various groups have regular meetings, Indoor Bowls, Keep Fit, W.I., Camera Club, etc. The kitchen has recently been further improved. It is available for private meetings and parties.
For bookings and more information please contact the Bookings Clerks:
Keith and Julie Pilgrim, tel. (01986) 894023.

Police Information
Broome is policed under the Loddon Safer Neighbourhoods Scheme; P.C. David Reeve, based at Loddon, has responsibilty for the village. Villagers should dial 101 to contact the police on non emergency matters.

PLEASE could all drivers leaving their cars on the road at night in this unlit village ensure they are parked the right way round. There are still reports of near misses.

Utility Companies would like to know the identity of vulnerable customers in Broome, so they can receive special help when services are cut. If you know such a person please inform the clerk so the details can be passed on. Also 105 can now be dialled to report power cuts.

In the last year superfast broadband has been improved for the east of the village. The village is involved in setting up a new ‘Men’s Shed’ that hopes to operate from the Maltings Meadow.

To ease parking problems the parish council wants a new car park for anglers diagonally behind the village hall. This scheme could also include new affordable housing on 2 nearby sites. The district council has allocated two sites for five homes each; one of these, between Yarmouth Road and the heath, is presently going through the detailed planning stage.

A celebration may be held in the autumn to mark the Queen’s 70th wedding anniversary; and in the autumn of 2018 it is planned to light a beacon on the heath to commemorate a century since the Great War ended. Broome should also benefit shortly from extra Beccles – Bungay bus services.