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Welcome to the December edition of the Norfolk Rural Communities Newsletter.


Here comes the Winter

Welcome to the December edition of our newsletter. The weather is now taking a turn for the worse and temperatures have really dropped off with some hard-overnight frosts. Please stay safe on the roads and make sure your vehicle’s tyres, fluid levels, lights and batteries are checked and ready for the demands that this time of the year presents. Also, take a little extra time in the morning to make sure your windscreens are fully defrosted and clear prior to starting any journey, and be prepared for ice on the roads. Please keep safe and remember not to leave any vehicle unattended while the engine is running.

Rural Engagement

On 31 October I met with some of the Young Farmers at their county meeting. I’d like to thank them for inviting me along and I look forward to meeting them again at up and coming events.

It’s the South Norfolk Crime Prevention Surgery on the 18 December at The Green Room, Easton & Otley College, Easton, NR9 5DX between 2pm and 4pm. This is a rural crime event that will be attended by Norfolk’s Chief Constable Simon Bailey. It’s a great opportunity to meet with our rural crime team, see some of the technology we are now utilising and meet some partner agencies who can provide crime prevention advice. The what3words location for the event is  https://what3words.com/bespoke.differ.fetching . We look forwards to seeing you there.


Rural Crime Strategy

The Rural Crime Strategy annual report which includes crime statistics, current initiatives and our policing model, can be accessed here: https://www.norfolk.police.uk/sites/norfolk/files/ruralpolicingstrategy2019digital_0.pdf


Fuel Theft Security Advice

As we move into the winter months and the weather gets colder, please keep an eye on your heating oil and don’t become a victim of fuel theft. Follow the fuel theft security advice:

  • Control switches that control the flow of oil should be turned off and the electricity supply isolated when the tank is not in use.
  • Purchase a good quality lock.
  • Check your oil levels regularly. This will alert you quickly to any problems. Many tanks can be fitted with a gauge to monitor the levels that can be read inside the house.
  • Keep the tank in a position that is very overlooked.
  • Always remember that access is required for any deliveries.
  • If your tank is close to the house make sure you can see it from your windows – this, coupled with the lighting, will make it less of a target.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of ventilation if enclosing the tank – advice should be sought from your oil company.

Consider a fuel tank alarm. Visit https://www.securedbydesign.com/



Our drone team has been busy as usual and had a number of very positive results locating vulnerable missing people over the past month. Our drones have become a vital resource to the constabulary, and since their introduction in 2017 have been involved in searching, locating and saving the lives of a significant number of people. With the introduction of our latest drones, we now have the capability to deploy in all weather conditions, and day or night. The drone allows us to search large areas, quickly and efficiently and environments that would ordinarily be too dangerous, such as rivers, wetlands, or demolition sites.


Missing People

How you can help? Please remain vigilant and if you find any person or vehicle on your land that look out of place or anybody who appears to be in distress, please report the full details to us, including an accurate description and location on 101 or 999 in an emergency. Your actions could save a life.

Help us find these missing people.



Community Speed Watch

If you would like to set up a Community Speed Watch scheme in your village or town contact the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership on 01603 276433 or the local district Engagement Officer by dialling 101. For more information see https://www.norfolk.police.uk/join-us/volunteers/community-speed-watch


NFU’s reporting line

The NFU has launched an online rural crime hub for farmers to get the latest advice. The site provides advice on things such as fly-tipping, poaching, theft, and livestock worrying.






Worried about someone? Please remember TRACTOR facts to save a life.

Tell the person you’re worried about them.

Reaching out to someone in distress could save a life – listen in a non-judgemental way.

Asking if they are thinking of suicide or ending their life is not easy, but if a person has a plan and the means to take their own life, they need urgent help.

Care – stay with them.

Try to stay calm and supportive.

Offer to help them: to call their GP, take them to A&E or contact the police.

Remove the means – keys to chemical stores, firearms, drugs….


Useful link

What3words – https://what3words.com/

Take care, have a good Christmas and I’ll see you all in the New Year


PC1531 James Wonnacott (Operation Randall)

Op Randall Rural Crime Newsletter