Local Food



As shoppers we now expect to walk into our local supermarket and buy whatever we like 24/7. But do we really know the provenance of ingredients in our favourite foods?  Is the meat we’re eating really British or just re-packaged and labelled on our shores?  And then there’s farming practices in other countries that are not up to our high standards.  Do we really want unlimited additives, enhancers, chemicals and stabilisers used in the production of our everyday foodstuffs?  The convenience of supermarkets is great, but are we paying too high a price in terms of adverse health benefits, just because we don’t know the real origin and production processes of what we eat?

There is a solution – you can shop with tried and tested local producers who you can talk to and buy from direct. Did you realise how many local artisan producers were actually operating in our area?  And if not where can you find these local producers without driving around the whole of South Norfolk trying to track them down?

Come to the  Food Producers Market in Alburgh Village Hall IP20 0BZ on Saturday 23rd November 9.30 – 12.30pm and see for yourself.  We will have a good selection of the best of them ranging from local meat, cheese, organic fruit and vegetables, to traditional raised pies, gluten free products and artisan cheese. If you would like to know more about individual producers locally and talk to them direct about their products, visit our Facebook page:  Local Food for Local People:  South Norfolk. Or contact Ann Wrench, Organiser at e-mail ann.wrench@btinternet.com tel: 01986789102