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Our village hall is in need of funding to connect to the mains sewer system. The current soakaway system is no longer viable for long term use and due to changes in the Environmental Law which come into force in January 2020 we are not able to replace like for like. The cost of carrying out the work is in excess of £12000 to £13000.  Without this vital work, the halls current sewerage system will not be able to meet Health and Safety or Environmental requirements and will have to eventually close down.  We have approached the Lottery for funding but were turned down as we had not involved Broome Residents in the decision to connect to the mains sewerage system.  So this is an appeal to Broome residents and any other people in this area who use Broome Village Hall, for any reason.  Please, can you send us comments on how much the hall means to the community and how it would affect yourselves should the hall have to close as a valued community asset?  Any welcome comments can be sent via this email address newleafbpr@aol.com  and I will coordinate a response to attach to a new request to the Lottery.

May I thank you in advance for your help

Fred Hartwell  Chair, Broome Parish Council  


The Pie night in October was a resounding success and as you would expect the pies, a selection of five, were quickly eaten up, and seconds were there for those who wanted to taste another one. You may ask why I am writing to tell you this but the truth is that this was Fred’s last big fundraiser for the village hall.  I don’t think that these few words truly say just how much the village hall owes to Fred for all the time and great meals, and hot cross buns,  he has cooked or supervised over the years. Honestly, I really do not know how we are going to keep him out of the kitchen! 

The events group who volunteer their time will be meeting after the holiday to talk about a way forward with fundraising for the village hall so keep an eye out for posters and notices in 2020. 

Fundraising plays such an important part in keeping the village hall in place for our community and those groups who use it. If you would like to help in any way with our fundraising activities please let me know on broomevh@aol.com  or 07729 650 965

Once again, thank you, Fred, you will be missed. 

Hazel Middlemiss Treasurer
Broome Village Hall Management Committee  


The next meeting of C.A.M.E.O. Club will be on Friday 24th January 2020 in Broome Village Hall from 2pm to 4pm. All are welcome. Join us for tea, coffee and homemade cakes, maybe have some fun with a game, borrow a book or DVD or just have a chat. The cost is just £1 including refreshments.

Please note that we will not meet in December 2019.

We wish you a happy Christmas from all at the C.A.M.E.O. team


The Border Villages Community Group coffee mornings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 1030 – 1200 at Broome Village hall.  Our aim is to encourage residents, friends and neighbours to meet up once a month to enjoy the great community spirit, have a tea/coffee, a chat, a fun quiz and a raffle. All are welcome. Entrance is only 50p per person. (Remember, this is for everyone, all ages. C’mon get out for an hour or so and have some glee time). 

Our next coffee morning is on the Wednesday 4th December, where along with your coffee/tea, we will have some mince pies and crackers to try and kick start the festive season(a bit early, I know!). To aid us in that endeavour there will be a musical item, the Rumpus Ukelele, a local charitable group. So a bit of a sing-song and I dare say a few Christmas numbers might be included. There is a condition though, dig out your Christmas jumpers, deer antlers and elf hats as they are expected to be worn. Go on let your hair down.

Just a heads up, January’s coffee morning will be held a week later than usual on 8th January. Please don’t forget as I’ll end up standing there on my own!

So if we don’t see you at the next coffee morning, have a safe and happy Christmas and we will see you in the New Year.

The BVCG Team


October Winners

  • 1st Sue and Mark (number 34 ) £20
  • 2nd Maxine Hartwell (number 12) £10
  • 3rd Susan Taylor (number 73)  £5


We are looking for new members, either experienced bowlers or novices. All ages and abilities will be welcomed. If you haven’t a set of bowls, we have some spares which t you can use. We meet in the village hall for practice on Monday evenings at 7pm and Tuesday afternoons at 2.30pm. Our club also plays in the Waveney League during the winter months.

If you would like more information please contact Charlie on 07772 089685.