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Evening All, ( as Dixon of Dock Green always opened with)

Bit stuck for what to write about this month really, although the Hall is very busy with bookings and continues to provide a splendid venue for so many different user groups but, then that was why the Village Hall was given the “In Good Company” award. All about community wellbeing.

Last month, January, Stacey Richards gave us a taster session of personal wellbeing and feeling good about ourselves, I only went along to make the tea but ended up sitting in on the session and found it very interesting. There were 12 people who came along and joined in.  It’s amazing that just relaxing and sharing a problem can help. Normally Stacey would be working on a one to one session. Stacey can be found at Stacey.heartofthematter@gmail.com.

There are only two more Soup Lunches until September when we shall start all over again but, in the meantime we are planning a family BBQ around June, details to follow.

Don’t forget the Curry & Quiz Night Saturday 16 March, plenty of choices for you, all authentic recipes, for example Malay Beef Curry, Lamb Bhuna, Chicken Jalfrazi, Vegetable Dhal, Bombay Potatoes, Sweet Sour Pork ( for the non curry lovers)plenty of side dishes and of course rice.

Bring your own drinks, glasses provided, eat as much as you like, we don’t allow anyone to go home hungry.

Tickets from me, Fred 01986 895414, The Artichoke Broome and also from The Wherry at Geldeston. £12.00 per person.




There will be a meeting of C.A.M.E.O. Club on Friday 22nd March from 2.00pm to 4.00pm in Broome Village Hall. All are welcome.

Join us for tea, coffee and homemade cakes, maybe have some fun with a game of cards, scrabble or dominoes or just have a chat and meet people. We have a selection of books to borrow. The cost is just £1 including refreshments. If you have trouble with transport and live locally please phone 01508 518177 and we will try to arrange a lift for you.

Hope to see you there.
From the C.A.M.E.O. Team


The Border Villages Community Group coffee mornings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 1030 – 1200 at Broome Village hall. 
Our aim is to encourage residents, friends and neighbours to meet up once a month to enjoy the great community spirit, have a tea/coffee, a chat, a fun quiz and a raffle. All are welcome. Entrance is only 50p per person.
The BVCG team.