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Booking Clerk:-   Keith & Julie Pilgrim  01986 894023

When the Lights Go On Again??

What is it the children say, “are we there yet?” Well, perhaps now we can say very nearly, it’s been a long trip for all of us but, we have not been entirely idle.

At the very beginning of lockdown we had the main hall & kitchen repainted. As many of you will have noticed the outside has just been painted also. 

The biggest job was without doubt, getting connected to the main sewerage system, that really needed doing. This was expensive, and was a joint project with the Hall & Parish Council.

Lastly, as again is pretty obvious, we have had the front tidied up and some of the bollards replaced, looking much better now and the War Memorial really stands out, as it should.

During the “Lockdown” Keith & Julie have been ensuring that the hall has not deteriorated through lack of use.

So, when can we open up again? The current advice is that all being well, following a further delay we will be able to open up on July 21st.

Now for the serious stuff, Please, Please, Please, can we have some volunteers to form a new committee to run the hall, we have asked on several occasions for new people with new ideas, but we are still here. Hazel and myself have been on the committee for approx. 12 years, far too long. Other members are not far short of time served either. We have had enough, been great fun over the years but the years are catching up, we can’t go on forever so, we are going to stand down in September.

The hall cannot remain operational without a committee, Charity Commission rules. That will affect all the clubs and user groups that rely on the venue.

We have what must be the best Village Hall for miles around, so come on don’t loose it.

We must have a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a secretary.

Interested, please call Fred 01986 895 414  /  Hazel 01986 948931

All  major jobs are done and the halls finances are in excellent order.

 Oh yes, you do not have to be a resident of Broome, we serve quite a large surrounding area.


C.A.M.E.O. Club

It’s looking hopeful that we may be able to start our meetings before too long and with that in mind we have booked Broome Village Hall for Friday 24th September 2-4pm, please come and join us. The cost is £1.00 and includes refreshments.

All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you again.

From the C.A.M.E.O. team