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Clerk Paul Austin
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All at 7.30 pm in the village hall

  • Thursday 5th March 2020
  • Thursday 16th April (Annual Parish Meeting) 2020
  • Thursday 7th May (including AGM) 2020
  • Thursday 2nd July 2020
  • Thursday 3rd September 2020
  • Thursday 5th November 2020

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November 2019

41 & X41 BUS ROUTE

Perhaps you will recall that I recently reported that both our parish councils would be working together trying to get the Bungay to Norwich bus service through Yarmouth Rd Broome and Loddon Road Ditchingham reinstated.

Myself, Paul Austin, clerk BPC & Alan Larkin, Chair DPC Met with Chris Lambach,( First Bus) to discuss the possibility. We drove around the route in order to impress on him the distance that people had to walk to get the Norwich bus. This he fully appreciated.

Mr. Lambach explained that it never was a First Bus route. Previously it was shared with Anglia  and Konnect who eventually took over Anglia before they decided to pull out of the route.

He also explained in some depth, that it is not as simple as just re routing the 41 service as even making what seems such a small change has a huge knock on effect to other service time tables that are all designed to connect with each other, making it just about impossible at this time but, he has said that he will certainly see if there are any other possibilities for us in the future when ever new timetables are looked at.

So, all I can say at this time is, we tried.

Fred Hartwell
Chair, Broome Parish Council

October 2019

Just over 2 years ago, with a small grant, and a lot of help from my husband with the work, I opened Broome telephone kiosk library. It has been a great success and is well used, however there are some problems. Despite requests and notices in the kiosk, some people are leaving  bags and boxes on the floor. This is a hazard, and causes much extra work for me sorting and disposing of these books when I go to clean and tidy the kiosk. Please may I ask if books are too large or there is no room do not leave them, just take them elsewhere maybe a charity shop. Hopefully every one can continue to use and enjoy the library, all it takes is a little care and consideration.
Thank you.
Christine Kramer Vice Chairman Broome Parish Council

Litter Pick, Saturday 19th October 10am – 12noon.
This as many already know is a very important activity which we carry out twice a year and it is amazing and disappointing to see just how rubbish is left around the village and countryside. Unfortunately we had had to cancel the list litter pick due to the atrocious weather conditions.

Please can we have volunteers for our next one. All safety gear is provided, you may wish to have your own gloves.  We meet at Broome Village Hall from 9.30 am, teams of two then go to designated areas so that we cover as much of the village as possible. Meet back at the hall, dump the rubbish ready for a welcome cuppa etc. Hope to see you there.

Remembrance  Sunday, 10th November at the village Memorial
More details will be posted closer to the time. For groups or persons that wish to lay wreaths, these can be ordered from Linda or Tony at the Royal British Legion in Bungay.

Next year, Friday May 8th marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe. The Parish Council is planning to celebrate this event, on the Saturday, with  a family day at the village hall and on the green behind. As we did last year with the 100th Anniversary of peace in 1918 we will be inviting residents from all our surrounding villages. For this to be really successful we need a small team of volunteers, (that word again) with ideas.

It is not too early to start planning so, if you would like to be involved please contact me 01986 895414.

Next Parish Council will be 7th November @ Broome Village Hall in the meeting room at 7.30 pm. 

Fred Hartwell, Chair BPC

August 2019


The next parish council meeting will be Thursday 5th September @ 7.30 pm. Broome Village Hall. Members of the public are welcome.

It has been a few months since we lost the bus service from Bungay to Norwich via Broome & Tunney’s Lane/Loddon Rd Ditchingham.

The council has been trying to arrange a meeting with First Bus for some while to get this service reinstated. This of course, effects residents in both Broome and Ditchingham and in an effort to make our case for reinstatement stronger we are working with Ditchingham Parish Council.

We are at last in the process of setting up a meeting with them Date to be confirmed.

Of course there is no guarantee that they will capitulate, we can only try.

To strengthen our argument for our case I would ask that those of you who would regularly use the service to drop me a simple email so that I can quote some figures to them ( george.f.hartwell@gmail.com ). Fingers crossed!

Parish councils all over the country struggle to fill the vacancies for councillors and we are no different. Most of our councillors , in Broome have given many years service to the village and are feeling that they have given enough. The worry is that when they do retire we will have serious difficulty replacing them which, could result in Broome PC being run by South Norfolk.  To all you younger residents can I ask that you consider becoming a Parish Councillor, Make a difference to where you live and your children will grow up.  You are always welcome to attend the bi-monthly  meetings ( 7.30 – 9.30pm )

Fred Hartwell, Chair BPC.