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MAY 2021

  • 1st    No 56 Mr & Mrs B Pick                  £25
  • 2nd   No 49 Mrs R Andrew                     £10
  • 3rd   No 23   Mr & Mrs Jolly                   £5

JUNE 2021

  • 1st    No 38 Mr & Mrs P Hunt                 £25
  • 2nd   No81 Mr & Mrs K McDowell        £10
  • 3rd   No 22 Mr A Felgate                         £5

There are some spare numbers. If you are interested in joining please telephone Jill on 01986 894677. The cost is just £1 per month


The Defibrillator outside Ditchingham Stores is for use by ANYONE, trained or untrained to use in an emergency.  The code needed to open the cabinet can be obtained from staff in the shop or by dialling 999.  The defibrillator can be taken to where it is needed.  Time is of the essence.  The machine tells and shows users exactly what to do.


Ditchingham church clock was commissioned by Henry Rider Haggard in 1891 in memory of his son Arthur who sadly died aged 9 in that year. It was made by Gillet and Johnson well known makers of quality timepieces. The clock has faces on two sides of the church.

The more observant among you probably have noticed that the clock has not been working for several months. We have employed the services of Michlmayr and Co from Norwich who have recently carried out a site visit. What has caused the clock to stop is the failure of the mercury tilt switch (no, me neither). This can be repaired relatively easily.

This it seems however is the least of our problems. Over a period of time the movement of the clock has become covered in oil. This needs to be removed because the oil will attract dust, which over time will form into a paste and start wearing down the cogs. Also the clock faces have got quite a lot of rust and need to be repaired.

Part of the work on the clock will be done on-site with most of the clock being taken to Michlmayrs workshop in Norwich. The clock face will be refurbished with the aid of a cherry picker.

The work is scheduled to be done in the first week in August and hopefully this will set our clock up for decades to come.

Simon Wilkin
(Fabric Officer)

Border Villages Community Group

Hello All,
Sad news, having dangled a tantalising date in July for the restart of the coffee mornings, unfortunately the dreaded virus and the Prime Minister ( I think I got that the right way round) have yet again beaten us and a 4 Week delay has been imposed. This means that as of now the earliest that we could open for a coffee morning would be the 4th August.

As there isn’t an edition of the “Parishioner” in August, we will do our best to confirm this either by mouth, posters or social media so that everyone is aware nearer the date.

Just a quick note, after the September coffee morning, we will be holding our AGM, all attendees of the coffee morning are welcome to attend, I will remind everyone again at the August coffee morning.
Try to keep smiling

See you all soon
The BVCG team.

We will of course be following all government advice, so look out for the posters going up in the villages to confirm our re-opening as soon as we confirm what restrictions remain.

It’ll be the usual chat, tea/coffee and some form of audience participation all for 50p entrance fee and we are really looking forward to seeing you all again.

The BVCG team