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  • 1st    No 54 Mr T Nursey                        £25
  • 2nd   No 92 Mr & Mrs M Harrison       £10
  • 3rd   No 18 Mr V Cossey                          £5

There are some spare numbers. If you are interested in joining please telephone Jill on 01986 894677. The cost is just £1 per month


A very much delayed Annual General Meeting of the trustees was held on 11th August

The trustees decided once again this year to make grants of financial assistance to village individuals and organisations.

Individuals must consider how any grant will affect any benefits they are receiving.

Organisations must submit recent balance sheets and disclose what reserves they have and details of what the money will be used for.

All grants are at the discretion of the trustees.

The Trustees have also agreed to offer one-off grants of £300 to students who are residents of the village and have been accepted for a course at a university. This is intended to help with the cost of books or specialist equipment needed for their course. Applicants must be between the ages of eighteen and twenty five

Applications with documentary proof of residency, age and a letter of    acceptance at a University should be sent to

Mr V Cossey, Hon. Clerk to the trustees, 46 Norwich Road  Ditchingham NR35 2JL. Email viccossey@googlemail.com.