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JULY 2021

  • 1st    No 30 Jacob Finch                            £25
  • 2nd   No 1  Sara Finch                               £10
  • 3rd   No 31 Mr & Mrs R Smith                £5


  • 1st    No 38 Mr & Mrs P Hunt                 £25
  • 2nd   No 81 Mr & Mrs K McDowell       £10
  • 3rd   No 88 Mr D Gower                           £5

There are some spare numbers. If you are interested in joining please telephone Jill on 01986 894677. The cost is just £1 per month


Save our Roundabout!

According to the minutes of the July meeting, Ditchingham Parish Council agreed (by majority vote) to hand over the maintenance of the A143 roundabout to Norfolk County Council, Highways.

A number of Councillors were aware that this was to be discussed well before the meeting. However, this proposal was not made clear to the Public as a detailed and specific Agenda item, but instead “hidden” as the last item under item 11. Residents, unaware of this possibility, were, therefore, not given the opportunity to ask questions or express their views at the meeting. No consultation!

Those of us who have lived in the village for some time will be aware of the history of the roundabout, from the construction of the A143 and the subsequent extension of the Broome bypass. The “Chicken Roundabout” is well known, not only locally but throughout the UK. Its position is the link between residents living both to the North and South of the A143 and is appreciated by all. In recent years DPC has planted wildflowers and maintained the roundabout overall to a far higher standard than others in the Waveney Valley, both in Suffolk and Norfolk. It should be considered locally as a Heritage site.

Apparently, we are the only Parish to maintain such a site. If this is the case, then DPC should take pride in its performance, and continue to do so, rather than leave it to NCC, who are unlikely to give it much priority.

I have requested that DPC ends all conversations with NCC Highways, and continue to maintain the “Chicken” Roundabout to its present high standard. I have also asked that the proposal passed under Item 11 be revoked at the earliest opportunity.

If you share my feelings about this matter, you can express your views by contacting the Clerk, either by phone or e-mail, or possibly comment on the Council’s new Facebook page. Alternatively, you can attend the next meeting, scheduled for Monday 20th September at 7.30 and express your views in person.

Many thanks for your support.

A R Larkin, Ditchingham Resident



The Defibrillator outside Ditchingham Store is for use by ANYONE, trained or untrained to use in an emergency 24/7.  The code needed to open the cabinet can be obtained from staff in the shop or by dialling 999.  The defibrillator can be taken to where it is needed.  Time is of the essence.  The machine tells and shows users exactly what to do.


The cabinet is located under the entry canopy to the left of the door Numbered 1

The device is available 24/7


Bungay Football Club have one available inside by the bar – this  is only available when the Pavillion is open.


The first phase of work on the clock is now complete. The dials on the west and  south side of the church have been cleaned and restored, and the clock hands are at the Contractor’s workshop for refurbishment. The workings of the clock have been dismantled and also removed to the workshop for refurbishment. This work is expected to take about three weeks after which everything will be rebuilt.

There was one mishap on Monday morning when an accident with their cherry picker (which weighs about 2 tons) resulted in part of the main gate being demolished. The Contractors have taken responsibility for this and have engaged a builder to put things right at no cost to us. We are currently waiting to hear when this work will be completed.

Simon Wilkin
(Fabric Officer)