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The Parish Council has advised there are sandbags near the village hall if anyone needs them in an emergency.

November 2021

G’day One and All,

Many off you will know me from Broome village hall events and also Broome Parish Council and now I find myself Chair of your parish council here in Ditchingham, I must be crazy!

I am very lucky to have such a wealth of council experience around me and together we have a strong team to take us into the future.
Councillor Bernard, ex councillor Mully and myself laid a poppy wreath at the foot of the Ditchingham Village sign in Hollow Hill to mark Armistice day on the 11th day of November. Two minute silence was observed.

We do this not only to remember the Fallen but also to mark the time “When the guns fell silent”, what a pity that they were not silent for very long.

The council is working to resolve the issues regarding Chicken Roundabout and keep it under our control; I will keep you informed as things progress.

I am sure that you will be aware that there is a nationwide plan to plant a million trees, wether they be in private gardens or public places. We are keen to take part in this programme and will be working with our newly appointed Tree Warden Beryl and County Councillor Barry Stone. Hopefully we will have more success than last time when drought was against us.

The Queens Platinum Anniversary celebration plans are moving along nicely and it looks like we will have a really good day for all the family.

By the time that the Parishioner drops through your letter box I expect Christmas will not be too far out of your minds, so I wish you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.


September 2021


It has been a very difficult time for all of us, not entirely attributable to the effects of COVID-19.

As with many challenging environments it seems to bring out the best in people and we have seen much support and help from our local businesses and the Bungay volunteers.

Many of our friends and neighbours were badly affected in the Xmas floods and the Parish Council is to set up a working group to create a Community Resilience Plan for our Village.

The plan will cover all possible emergencies whether due to severe weather or man made disasters. As a parish councillor I have agreed to put the plan together with help from the South Norfolk Emergency Planning Team and local volunteers if you would like to be involved please get in touch.

During lockdown we were able to meet by Zoom keeping essential business going. We have four vacancies on the Parish Council following the resignation of three councillors and there seems to be a general apathy among residents and unwillingness to take an active role in village affairs.  Do please get in touch if you would like to know more about what we do or come along to our meetings and meet us you will receive a very warm welcome.

Looking forward the Parish Council is soon to start its programme of replacing the streetlight lanterns with special LED’s suitable for a rural parish not only to save money but also to be more environmentally friendly. All the lights will be retained and will dim by 50% from midnight.

The recent NCC road works in and around the village which have caused so much disruption are winding down now. Details of planned and emergency works are as far as we can keep up are posted in the notice board opposite the village shop and on the website.  Full details can also be found in the EDP every Friday.


Ditchingham is looking for a volunteer Tree Warden.  We are fortunate to have many lovely trees and we need someone to be the eyes , ears and voice for the trees in the Parish.  We still have room for more.

We also hope to take part in the 1 Million Trees for Norfolk project (more than 1 tree per resident) over the next 4 years.

We really want this to be a community effort, perhaps planting one or 2 trees in private gardens or hedges and copses in wider areas.

Corinne Layton


June 2021

Streetlight Update

In June 2019, Ditchingham Parish Council adopted 88 streetlights from South Norfolk Council, with the aim of preserving these assets for the benefit of the community. Included within the transfer from South Norfolk Council, was a sum of money, which after recent repairs totals £77,800 remains. This money was given to Ditchingham Parish Council for the maintenance and repair of these lights going forward. These funds are held in a reserve in the Parish Council budget.

Previously, the Council had considered decommissioning a proportion of these streetlights, but having now consulted street lighting contractors, the cost for decommissioning these parish assets would be the same as keeping them in operation. As DPC has established that there would be limited financial benefits to the village, but considerable social disadvantages with the loss of these streetlights, it has been agreed to use the reserves to improve them for the benefit of the residents of Ditchingham.

The Council agreed at the March 2021 meeting to use approximately £12,000 (15%) of the reserved funds, to change the streetlights to LED lanterns. These low lumen LED lights are more energy efficient, and the light will be projected on to the footway only, therefore reducing light pollution. The lights will also dim to 50% between the hours of midnight and 5.30am to keep the community safe throughout the night but limit light pollution. In addition, there will be an estimated savings of up to 80% on the current annual electricity supply costs (approx. £2,700 p.a). Coupled with the reduced energy consumption, there are other environmental benefits of LED lighting.

The Parish Council has received three competitive quotes (for small LED lanterns that are suitable for a rural parish) from local competent and reputable streetlighting contractors, to achieve best value for the village. It is expected that the LED lantern replacement scheme will take place later this year. Should you have any questions about the replacement lamps, please feel free to contact Ms Sally Chapman, DPC Clerk; clerkdpc@aol.co.uk.

Cllr Emily Curtis
Ditchingham Parish Council

November 2020


Our September meeting was held by “Zoom” for the first time. Despite some technical issues the meeting was completed in time. Minutes will be published on the web-site in the usual way. At this meeting 2 residents were co-opted onto the Council and we are grateful for their support. Their details will be available on the web-site and the Parish Notice Board shortly.

We have purchased a new Notice Board and the stand and surround have been re-painted as well as the bench at the crossroads which has been re-varnished. My thanks to Cllrs. Skippen and Taylor for their work.

We are having on-going discussions with Highways regarding the possibility of a footpath to link Alma Bridge and the grass path in the Maltings meadow. We await further developments.

The swings on the Dip will be replaced when the Contractor is available.

Other Parish Council work has continued during this period, where restrictions have allowed. Streetlamps have been maintained when needed, and our Contractors have managed to keep our grass areas tidy.

My best wishes continue to go to all residents. It looks as if this Virus will continue for some time, although we appear to be at a relatively low risk, at present, compared with some other areas of the country.

Please keep safe and stay well over the coming months.

Alan Larkin
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council


As expected, the Ditchingham Community Speed Watch Group planned for Spring 2020 has been delayed.

Community Speed Watch was launched in Norfolk in 2007 and is a project working across the county empowering communities to play an active part alongside the Police and Safety Camera Partnership in tackling the problem of speeding in towns and villages – there are currently 93 such groups in the County.

Nine residents who applied to volunteer for this community scheme in our village have had their applications accepted so we are nearly there. Unfortunately, because of Health and Safety issues risk assessment of sites and training cannot take place at present.

In the meantime the Parish Council, which is supporting the scheme, will continue to move the SAM2 around the village. This device monitors traffic volumes and speeds reminding drivers to slow down if they are exceeding the speed limit.

Corinne Layton
01986 893566

March 2020


A Community Speed Watch Group is planned for Ditchingham starting in the Spring and volunteers are being sought ….

Community Speed Watch was launched in Norfolk in 2007 and is a project working across the county empowering communities to play an active part alongside the Police and the Safety Camera Partnership in tackling the problem of speeding in towns and villages – there are currently 93 such groups in the County.

The Parish Council is supporting the scheme but the project will be run by an accredited team of local residents.


We are now signing up volunteers (who must be over 18) to take part in the scheme. Full training will be given and will include use of equipment, and health and safety issues both general and site specific.


Do please get in touch if you would like further information

Corinne Layton
corinnelayton75@gmail.com  Tel. 01986 893566

December 2019

Maltings Amenity Area

We have met with the Broads Authority and communicated with them on number of occasions, over a long period of time. The footpath has been mown and is just about suitable for able-bodied pedestrians. The rest of the meadow is overgrown with thistles and nettles and the beck is also overgrown and barely visible.

However, I am pleased to report that the Broads Authority have now advised the Landowner that they are in breach of the Planning Permission, originally granted, and have asked them to maintain the area in line with their application. It remains to be seen how matters progress but we will continue to monitor the situation.

Street Lamps

I refer to my article in the September issue of this magazine. I had hoped to make the position clear regarding our Policy on this issue. We have had 6 responses, varying from wanting to save all the lamps, to save some and others happy to remove all, or individual lamps outside their properties. There have been various comments on local Social Media, which I have ignored, and posters have been placed in Loddon Road implying that our footpaths would not be safe, which is not the case. These have been removed.

I confirm, again, that any decision to remove lamps will be done after consultation with residents in the immediate area. In the meantime, I am happy for residents to give their views by contacting the Parish Clerk (email: clerkdpc@aol.co.uk) as previously advised.

Chicken Roundabout

I regret to advise that a vehicle has twice driven onto the roundabout, completed a circle around the trees and exited, before driving off. This act of dangerous driving and vandalism has been reported to the Police, and, at the time of writing, I am awaiting a response. Some severe damage has been done and our Contractors, Clinks Care Farm, will need to restore the grass surface before planting wildflowers and bulbs.

We received many positive comments for the wildflower display last year and hopefully, we can continue to maintain this area without further vandalism.

Finally, on behalf of the Council and all our Staff, I would like to wish all residents a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Alan Larkin (Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council)

October 2019

Ditchingham Community Notice Board At the request of residents a Community Notice Board has been placed in the bus shelter outside the Village Hall. This will display information about what’s going on near you, including news about events and activities. The aim of the new Community Notice Board is to inform local people about what is going on in their area providing information on activities run by local communities and organisations.

To help you make the best use of this facility, guidelines have been placed in the bus shelter and will help you understand the types of notices that may be displayed  and how this can be achieved.

In Summary:-

  • These are for charities and not-for-profit organisations
  • For locally based organisations benefitting local residents
  • For an individual event taking place in the Parish of Ditchingham
  • A diary of ongoing events
  • Posters should preferably be A5 but no larger than A4
  • Names and contact details must be included on the front of the poster
  • Posters can be displayed no earlier than 28 days before an event

Place your poster in an envelope addressed “Community Notice Board” through the letterbox in the Village Hall

I hope that this new facility will prove to be of benefit. My thanks to the Village Hall Committee for their co-operation. I am grateful to a local resident and others who have agreed to take on the responsibility for its management, on behalf of the Community.

Alan Larkin
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council

August 2019

Street Lamps

As previously advised in this Magazine and Minutes of Meetings over many months, we have, after a bit of a technical delay, taken over responsibility for 86 streetlamps, previously maintained by South Norfolk District Council.

The roads affected are:- Ditchingham Dam, Loddon Road, Station Road, Black Horse Lane, Green Lane, Waveney Road, Lewis Close, Hamilton Way, Rider Haggard Way, Turner Close, Thwaite Road, Windmill Green, Hollow Hill Road, The Loke, Beevors Gardens, and Drapers Lane.

In our initial discussions, SNDC identified 10 lamps which they thought were “needed”. We asked for a further 10 to be considered, and after further thought we decided to take on full responsibility for all the lamps, so as to be in control.

Our Policy is to continue to maintain those 20 lamps considered “essential” (subject to any future change in circumstances) but to decommission the other 66 lamps over a period of time (again, subject to potential changes of circumstances) and with local resident consultation)

The lamps thought (at the present time) to be “essential” are Station Road (opp. St Anne’s House) (4), Loddon Road X roads (2), Loddon Road bus stop and footpath end (2), Rider Haggard Way post box and school entrance (2), Beevors Gardens car park (1), Hollow Hill Road bus shelter, opp Thwaite Road, opp Scudamore Place (3), Thwaite Road by Scudamore Place (2), Black Horse Lane (1), Green Lane (1), The Loke (1), and Drapers Lane (1)

To begin the consultation, I am asking for residents for their views, which will be most welcome.

Do you wish to retain your lamps? If so, why?

Are you happy to lose lamps outside your property? Many residents complain of light pollution.

Points to consider. Many County Councils are switching lamps off (to save money?). Other nearby Parishes have no lamps at all (Broome, for example). New developments are unlikely to have streetlamps as a matter of course.

Other lamps in the Parish continue to be maintained by Norfolk County Council or Housing Associations. Any defects or problems with any streetlamps should be reported to the Parish Clerk and we will act in accordance with our Policy or pass information as appropriate.

 Alan Larkin (Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council)

June 2019

Your Councillors were elected without contest in May. Although we are eligible to have 9 Cllrs. only 6 volunteers put their names forward. Despite a shortfall in numbers, we hope to give good service, as best as possible, to all residents in the Community.

Details of Councillors and future meetings can be found on the Parish notice board, opposite the Village shop and Post Office, and on our web-site: Ditchingham Parish Council

As well as undertaking our statutory and community duties we are also engaged in the following:-

  • Speed awareness – we are liaising with interested residents in the formation of a group to monitor speeding throughout the village. This will be done alongside the SAM2 machines currently placed at random sites and software monitored.
  • Community notice board – we are investigating the possibility, with cooperation from residents, to provide a  board for Community posters, funded by external sources.
  • Streetlamps – Despite a delay, we have taken over responsibility for 86 streetlamps, previously undertaken by SNDC. There is still much work to do, and a further report will be issued later in the year.

It is with regret that I have to report some minor nuisance with play area equipment in Thwaite Road. Although easily resolved by the Council, usage of this equipment was delayed for a number of days. Also, a bench appears to have been rocked off its base and is now unusable and needs major repair, at a cost to the Council, which is unbudgeted.

The play areas are of great benefit, not only to our younger residents, but also to parents and others. The Council has a duty to maintain them and undertake repairs or replacement  when required. However, our Budget is based on natural wear and tear and such misuse incurs an additional cost to our finances.

On a positive note, there have been many favourable comments on Social Media, regarding the wildflowers on the Chicken roundabout. Our thanks go to Clinks Care Farm for looking after them for us.

Finally, If you have any concerns regarding issues in the village, please contact our Clerk (email: clerkdpc@aol.co.uk ) or any Councillor. We may not have the power to deal with everything but are able to forward concerns to Local or County Council departments and other Agencies, where relevant.

Alan Larkin
Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council

March 2019

Speed Limits
You will be aware that the 30mph speed limit on Loddon Road ends at Waveney Road and starts again just before Sun Road, in Broome. The speed limit between these two points is therefore unrestricted. In conjunction with Broome Parish Council, we have asked the Highways Department to consider making the whole stretch 30 mph. We have been advised that this does not conform with their policy, and the present system is considered to be reasonable. We have also asked our County Councillor for her help.

This area is used by vehicles, cycles, runners and pedestrians, and is a parking space for those using the Heath. We urge all users to take care, particularly in hours of darkness, as the road is not lit.

Parish Council Elections
Your Council is due to be re-elected in May. At the present time, we are 2 short of the required number. It is also possible that a further 2 experienced Councillors will not be standing again. We are therefore looking for more residents to put their names forward. More details will appear, both in this magazine, on Public Notice Boards and our web-site. If you need further information, please contact our Clerk.

Big Litter Pick
This year the Litter Pick will be held on Sunday 12th May, at 10.00am. We ask residents, once again, to support this event, which has proved to be very worthwhile in the past. Further details will be available shortly.

Alan Larkin (Vice Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council)

December 2019

It is some time since we reported to you. This is because it has been a relatively quiet period in the Parish. Litter picking, general cleaning and maintenance continues to be done and I am grateful to all our employees, contractors and Councillors for their hard work and diligence.

Our long serving Councillor, Rev Kirkpatrick, has resigned due to other commitments within the Parish that he has taken on. His knowledge and experience will be greatly missed. We thank him for all his work and wish him well for the future.

Speed Awareness Machines
Our SAM2 machine has been seen in various locations throughout the village. Details of any speeding hotspots will continue to be analysed and reported to the Police where necessary.

Building Developments
Hastoe Housing have offered to build a Social Housing site behind Station Road, with access from Loddon Road. At our request, a Housing Needs survey was undertaken which indicates sufficient demand from local residents for this type of development. A Planning Application has not yet been submitted.

The application to build behind Rider Haggard Way, with access from Hamilton Way, is still with the South Norfolk District Council planning authority. No final decision has yet been made.

Maltings Amenity Area
We have met with the present Contractors who are maintaining the meadow to the east of the Maltings complex. As yet, no proper footpath is in place and the beck is overgrown and untidy. We are waiting for a further meeting with the Broads Authority to try and resolve the situation for the benefit of all our residents,

Street Lamps
We have agreed in principal to take over the maintenance of 88 Street lamps, previously undertaken by South Norfolk District Council. They wanted to cut down on this service and identified only 10 lamps which they considered to be needed. We have identified a further 10. A decision will be made regarding the remaining 68 lamps as and when they need repair or renewal. New LED bulbs will be installed, when required, which will be more efficient and may make some lamps surplus to requirements.

We will be given a lump sum to be kept in Reserve to cover future replacement or dismantling costs. The precept payment will be increased slightly to cover annual maintenance and electricity. However, this will be more than offset by a reduction in the tax, currently charged by SNDC.

Finally, on behalf of the Council and all our Staff, I would like to wish all residents a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Alan Larkin (Vice Chair, Ditchingham Parish Council)