Community Speed Watch is now up and running in Ditchingham.

What is Community Speedwatch

CSW was launched in Norfolk in 2007 and there are now more than 100 groups operating across the County.

CSW is a community operated initiative designed to allow volunteers to officially monitor and report to the police details of speeding vehicles.

CSW allows local residents to take an active part alongside the Norfolk & Suffolk Police Safety Camera Partnership to address speeding issues using speed detection equipment to monitor speeds from safe locations.

Community Speed Watch is NOT enforcement.

How it Works

The team of volunteers has been vetted and fully trained to take details of vehicles travelling at excess speed and then pass this information on.

Locations selected for monitoring have been risk assessed to ensure safety for volunteers, pedestrians and motorists.

Visibility and signage are very important whilst monitoring is in operation: signs are displayed to warn drivers that there is speed enforcement ahead so that they are able to check the limit and slow down should they so wish.

What Happens Now?

Our teams will be seen regularly out and about helping to reduce vehicle speeds on our roads and thereby make our village safer to live in, work in and visit.

The aim is NOT to catch as many speeding drivers as possible but to raise awareness that excessive speeds are socially unacceptable.