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Our ambitious building project for Ditchingham Village Hall is nearing completion – but needs your support to get there.

Who can remember when the Village Hall was built?  For over forty years, it has provided a social centre for our community.  A far cry from the empty, forlorn buildings that sit in some forgotten villages – our Hall is thriving to a point where (in ‘normal’ times) demand is higher than capacity!

Whilst we are fortunate to be in village where the Hall is so well and widely used, the Committee recognised some time ago that more capacity was needed in order to cater for the needs of our community.  As such, an ambitious project to build an extension to the Hall was conceived. 

The plan was this: to provide a smaller space for celebrations, groups and our excellent local Preschool – allowing them to increase their offer to local families – and in the process to free up the Hall every day of the week in order to offer an even richer array of classes, groups and sports activities to local residents.

Tremendous progress has already been made with the following milestones already complete:

£90,000 was raised in 2019 to complete the external build of the new extension – which as you will have seen is now complete.

With the help of Ditchingham Parish Council, the National Lottery, Garfield Weston Foundation, NISA, Ditchingham United Charities, Bernard Sunley Foundation, Geoffrey Watling Foundation and Saracens Norfolk Fund £56,212 was raised in 2020-21 (despite covid!) which means that the second stage of the building – which will install electricity, plumbing and heating will begin soon.

Now we are in the final stages.  With the other fundraising work we already have underway, we need just £15,000.  We have already received a range of generous donations from local people who were keen to support (like the best heroes they’ve asked to remain anonymous) but now we are asking for further donations to get us over the finish line.

If you feel you would like to help out – thank you! Please make a donation via BACS to:

Ditchingham Village Hall Extension

Sort code: 309997

Account number: 34567060

Or make out a cheque and post it to Paul Austin, 57 Loddon Road, Ditchingham, Norfolk

We are so lucky to live in a community where people of all ages have a place to go and things to do. We may be small, but together we can achieve great things!  Thank you to everyone who has already stepped up to the plate and shown their support; and thanks to those of you about to do so…..

We will keep you updated with progress in future issues.

Best wishes

Ditchingham Village Hall Committee