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Last year after reports of incidents between pedestrians and vehicles, Ditchingham Parish Council requested that Highways place lights and additional signage, at the A143 pedestrian crossing between Old Yarmouth Road and Alma Bridge. Highways surveyed the crossing in daylight and decided no change was required.

Sadly on the 02nd October this year, the Council’s concerns were justified when Jenny Potter was fatally injured while crossing the road, in the evening, on her way back home from Broome to Bungay. This was a lady full of life, having beaten cancer.

Ditchingham Parish Council has again requested that lights and additional signage be provided at the crossing. At night there is no indication of the crossing until you are upon it. Warning signs would make the motorist aware of its existence, and solid white lines between the Chicken Roundabout to the crossing would prevent cars overtaking, with some cars ending up on the right-hand side of the crossing.

Decisions of any changes will be made over the next few months, however, I feel that a petition from residents around the area may help to get the required changes, and help stop further incidents.

Once the lock-down is over I will visit places to ask for support, however, if anyone feels they wish to help their assistance would be gratefully accepted. You can contact me by email: alfskippen@gmail.com or text mobile 07946629006

Thanking you in advance.

 Alf Skippen
(Ditchingham Resident)